You are about to get into the amazing world of virtual aviation, where you can play a role of an airline pilot or an air traffic controler. We give you the chance to join hundreds of enthusiasts from all over the world, pursuing the one single goal - to get closer to what all of us love so much...

vACC Ukraine is a member of VATSIM community that represents Ukraine in the world of virtual aviation and provides air traffic control services on the territory of our country. Our main goal is to present you all the necessary information you may need to fly in or out of Ukraine as well as for other flights in the state airspace. This includes charts, sceneries, local documents and rules.

Also we are a community of people who enjoys Flight Simulator and develop our own products so that our hobby became more realistic and interesting for everyone involved. We always looking forward for those, who would not only like to fly on VATSIM, but also for those, who want to provide air traffic control services, develop new learning material, teach people a new things and  create sceneries, add-ons, web-content and events.

Here are some screenshots, so you can understand what do we usually do...


VATSIM is an international network that allows people from all over the world to connect to a single multiplayer session through the Flight Simulator, Prepar3D or X-Plane and enjoy the flight among hundreds of others pilots. The main difference that VATSIM brings to your flights is that each airplane you see out there is an actual person, so you will never meet any NPC in the airspace.

And of course it brings you an air traffic controllers... They will cover airspace and provide services for the pilots just like in real life, using real life documents and procedures.


vACC Ukraine Director


Evgeniy Sviridov


vACC Ukraine Deputy Director


Andrey Prokhorov


vACC Ukraine ATC Manager


Bohdan Bessonov


vACC Ukraine Event Manager


Sergejs Jakubovskis



The main document that describes the existence of our organization is Constitution. It contains basic principles and regulations related to our activity within network, membership, rights and obligations of everyone who is related to vACC, as well as management mechanism and decision making.

Air Traffic Control Regulations

This document regulates everything that by any means connected with air traffic control, controller’s training, main procedures and rules that are used in the virtual airspace of Ukraine. Here you may also find information about transferring of controllers and international agreements regarded to ATC.


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